Wednesday, January 23, 2008


With the new year already started, it was time to take that annual look at life and decide what 2008 was going to be. This year is going to be focused on ME. Yes, it sounds a bit selfish, but this year I hope to work on improving myself, which I hope improves the lifes of the people around me. I started the year with finding my self a doctor I could trust. It sounds like an odd thing to start with, but if we are not healty on the inside we can't work on the rest of the things in our lives. After researching a bunch of doctors, I finally found one that seemed like a winner. And boy was I surprised when I had my first appointment. For the first time in years, I had someone welcome me to their health care facility, told me how to "get around" the facility, who to go to with complaints and comments, and was given a whole phamplet of information to read. Then it was time to meet the doctor. We sat and talked for about a half an hour and then it was time for a routine exam. I was so happy with the doctor and the respect she showed and the ear she lent. She opened my eyes to other reasons to loose weight this year. As it is everyones goal each year to lose those extra pounds, it was mine this year. I just wanted to look better. But when she told me that being over weight could seriously effect having a child some day, that truly was an eye opener! Needless to say, it has motivated me to get back to the gym... and to eat more of my fruits and veggies... and I've already started to drop a few pounds. Another motivation is the trip to Italy my husband and I are taking this spring... I don't want more photos of me... being fat! So here is to the year of self reflection and self improvement. I hope to challenge myself this year to make it one of the best years I've had!

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