Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Space, update

Well, I have worked on my scrapspace some more... and now it's a bit more organized... but still messy!
I realized I work best having things sorted by color... and tried to group like things in areas. And those things I use a LOT, I tried keeping in arms reach.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rotary Stuff Holder

You probably have seen by now the clip-it-up... its a holder that uses clips to hold baggies, or pages, and allows them to rotate around a center post. Well the clip it up, is quite pricy. I saw a few inspirational ideas on other sites, and decided I could do it for even less. So for about $5 in supplies, I made this, with a few parts to spare to make some others. This is holding 6x6 pages.

How to Make:

Circlular wood base about 6.5" in diameter
Dowel about 3/4" in diameter (cut to 7" tall)
2 -Binder Rings 1.5 tp 2" in diameter
Chipboad (several pieces cut to about 1/2" wide x 6" tall, punch holes to match page protectors
6x6 page protectors (10-20 depends how full you want it)
1 wood screw

1- Pre drill holes in the center of the base and dowel (to accomodate for the screw we drilled a hole the size of the screw head into the bottome of the base, just deep enough for the screw head)
2- Screw base to dowl
3- Put page protectors and chipboard pieces on ring binders. I alternated 2-3 page protectors and then one chipboard peice
4- Slide assembled binder rings/page protectors over the dowl, and fill pages with goodies.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


CHA... Boy was it EXCITING. This was my first year attending the Craft and Hobby Association Show in Anaheim, CA. I was able to attend the show for 2 days... I saw many new products that will be out for 2008 in the scrapbooking world. One trend was clear ribbons. Several companies created vinyl like ribbon with printing. The best description I heard "they are like fancy clear bra straps!" Another trend I noticed was expanding lines to include papers, rub-ons, embellishments, bling and much more. Many paper lines are now offered in several color schemes as well. Purple is finally hot... it seems to be creeping into more paper lines as well. Not a yucky grape purple but elegant muted tones. Along with drooling over the products, I was able to do many make and takes.

Check back often for more on CHA. After I finish reading my materials... I will be sharing more. And who knows... if you leave a comment... you might just win a share of my loot from the show. :-) Be sure to check out what I got from all the wonderful companies at CHA!