Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rotary Stuff Holder

You probably have seen by now the clip-it-up... its a holder that uses clips to hold baggies, or pages, and allows them to rotate around a center post. Well the clip it up, is quite pricy. I saw a few inspirational ideas on other sites, and decided I could do it for even less. So for about $5 in supplies, I made this, with a few parts to spare to make some others. This is holding 6x6 pages.

How to Make:

Circlular wood base about 6.5" in diameter
Dowel about 3/4" in diameter (cut to 7" tall)
2 -Binder Rings 1.5 tp 2" in diameter
Chipboad (several pieces cut to about 1/2" wide x 6" tall, punch holes to match page protectors
6x6 page protectors (10-20 depends how full you want it)
1 wood screw

1- Pre drill holes in the center of the base and dowel (to accomodate for the screw we drilled a hole the size of the screw head into the bottome of the base, just deep enough for the screw head)
2- Screw base to dowl
3- Put page protectors and chipboard pieces on ring binders. I alternated 2-3 page protectors and then one chipboard peice
4- Slide assembled binder rings/page protectors over the dowl, and fill pages with goodies.

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Sheila said...

Great idea Kari!!!! I like the price of this alot better!!!