Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Home sweet home!

Well, its been a hectic month, of painting, fixing, packing, and moving to our new house! We are officially living in our first home... Though it is furnished with not much more than stacks of boxes! Our move went pretty easy, othwer than the fact that the moving truck was a tad small... We had our kingsize mattress strapped to the back of tyhe truck, and we still have a bit of stuff to get from our rental! Our goal is to have things fixed up in the next month so it is ready for our first set of visitors... My dad and brother.

Last night we hoked up our new washer and dryer... Who knew that we would sit and watch it was our clothes for 10 minutes! We were so impressed with how quiet our new Electolux appliances are! It was very easy to figure out as well. There are so many options for washing clothes...

Besides moving I've been busy with holiday preparations, as we'll as releasing a sneak peak of the next kit over at ... Its going to be a fantastic kit once again... :)

I hope every has a very merry Christmas, or a happy holiday for those that have other celebrations this time of year!

Take Care and be safe!

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Ching-a-ling said...

Congratulations on your first home!!! Whooohooo!!!!

Wow, your dad and bro are coming into town??? two have the most exciting married life..watching your new washer eh?? lol