Monday, May 21, 2012

Box Swap... time to reveal!

It's been quite some time since I participated in a swap, but I took the leap recently to join in a swap on the Cricut Circle Message Board. The idea of the swap was we each purchased the same box, fill it with $25 of goodies, and decorate it to coordinate with your secret partners wishes. I had so much fun with the box I made, I was having a hard time waiting to hear from secret partner to find out of she liked it... while I'm still waiting to hear from her, its very late on the east coast so I expect to hear something in the morning... I opened my box.

I received a packaged in the mail and it was GIGANTIC... these boxes we had to fill were about 6"x6"x3"... but the box I got in the mail was probably 12" x12" x 17" or more... so what could it be!

My secret sister was Gina P, from Oceanside NY. She sent me a gigantic hot air balloon! Too cool. She literally thought outside of the box! Without further ado, my big boy Oscar will now show you my box and all it's glorious goodies!

A closeup of the balloon. Look at all the beautiful texture and dimension on it. And it's all blinged out too. I can't believe that Gina is "only" a card maker! 

Oscar is admiring all the lovely goodies. I think he is eyeing up the green stripe queen and company washi tape for a layout with him on it. 

Hand made goodies: 2 lovely necklaces in my favorite color purple. And a little mini album with tags that slide out of the pages with beautiful hot air balloons and my favorite purple color as well.

I had so much fun with this swap. I'm looking forward to another one soon!

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