Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where has time gone!

This year sure has started out quick, I realized last night I had been nearly two monthsa since I updated my blog... I am now wondering where those two months went... But between home rennovations, CHA, scrapbook expo, my dad visiting, and numerous government holidays things sure start happening fast! The outlook for the next few months is busy as well, but this years busy life is fun... And not the ordinary!

So the other day I saw the sweetest thing, and wanted to share... This elderly couple comes into applebee's, sits in a booth, both sharing one side... Then the Mr. Pulls out his iPod!!! And puts on some classic 1920's or 1930's music... And they listened, talked and dinned on their lunch... Which they split the lunch combo with the 2 cheeseburger sliders and a side salad! It was too cute to see... I can only hope that Chris and I are like that when we are old!

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