Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time to walk...

It's time to get walking... enough sitting, enough procrastinating, its time to simply walk. Today was day #2 this week for going for a 1.4 mile walk around Glendora. It's a nice route through the neighborhood and half the route is up hill making for a good leg workout. I take Spyder with me, he enjoys the walk as much as I do. I truly appreciate our new house in a real neighborhood... with sidewalks (ok on some streets), nice people, and great scenry. I took my walk a bit late today, so the sun was setting, it was so pretty to watch, and to see the full moon rise... was awesome. My legs are still sore from day 1 of walking, so i can only think what they will feel like tomorrow... but no pain, no gain they say... Spyder is much calmer too, he was napping for the past 2 hours... and now he finally has decided to play with his toys.. off to relax a bit more, and then to bed for an early night... with exercise we must get ample sleep as well... it's time to build a new routine...so here I go, and watch me on my journey to become fit and lean.

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