Monday, January 23, 2012

Less is best

This year I have chosen to incorporate the word LESS into my life. This can lead to lots of things... less stress, less over sleeping, less late nights and not getting enough sleep, less clutter... I think you get the idea of what LESS means to me. I have fallen off the LESS wagon a bit with some sho
pping on ebay... I have purchased an excessive number of cartridges this month... but I have paid way LESS then retail price on them!

One focus I have for this year is to have LESS clutter in my scrapbook room and keep every thing tidy so I can spend more time scrapbooking and being creative. I have lost the passion in the past 6 months and am looking forward to getting back. As you can see in my previous post I have my scrapbook room pretty organized. Everything basically has a place... so now I am fine tuning all the storage and organizational methods to make me more efficient and to keep the clutter at bay.
I started with a small project organizing a bag of cut ribbons and trims I have. I had seen some expensive hangers for the ribbon and though I could make my own. With some cheap chip board, a paper trimmer, and my trusty crop-a-dile whole punch. I cut some 2.5" x 3" pieces punched a variety of holes some small and some larger, being sure to leave enough border so the chipboard didn't tear. I also punched a hole at the top so I could hold them together with some binder rings or metal shower curtain hooks.

Thanks for looking!


cdm317 said...

That's a great idea for your ribbon. The blog looks great!

Jan said...

Great idea! I am always looking for a way to organize my ribbon. It is constantly changing. I really like thoss cards you made.