Saturday, February 18, 2012

Creating a Portfolio

While I should be working on my final paper for school that is due next Wednesday, I figured getting a crafting portfolio together would be a much better use of my time! I decided it's time to try out for some design teams because I'm looking to use my skills, share my ideas, and get my crafting on. And with this new venture I'm tired of not having my work in one central place that I can send people to. It seems like I take photos of so many of my projects, but they get scattered here and there on my computer.

There is nothing like the procrastination of one thing, to spur organization of another! I now have my images organized on my computer. I made my self a watermark to place on all m projects. And I now have a live portfolio that I can easily add and update!

You are wondering how did I make my portfolio? I decided I wanted to use an album format that was easily accessible for uploads, edits, and reorganization. I decided on Photobucket for this, since it met all my criteria! I simply created an album for each type of item I wanted to showcase. For now I have four albums, including my scrapbook layouts, cards, invitations, and other paper crafting items. I then went through and edited my photos, cropped them, and re-sized them all. I kept the width of everything but my banner images to 500 pixels so anyone can view my images from tablets to computers. One thing I'm still not certain on is the watermarks. I tried to place them so they were over lapping my work some, in a place not to distracting from the work, but also  hard enough for someone to erase to try to take the work as their own.

To store my albums I created in Photobucket, I had them all made into slide shows. Photobucket does this with a click of a button. And then I simply pasted the HTML code for the slide show into a new page in Blogger. I'm so excited blogger offers the addition of pages to their blogs. It allows me to add so much more content to my site... with more content coming soon.

You can check out my current portfolio here. If you are interested in having me on your design team or as a guest designer please contact me, and I'm sure we can work something out!

Thank you for looking.

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